There’s Now a Britannica Website for All Your Parenting Questions

With all the misinformation out there, it can be hard for parents to discern fact from fiction. For any parent wishing they could turn to a magical source of answers every day for all their parenting questions, the Britannica Encyclopedia is here to help.

Britannica for Parents is a new website offering information, resources and advice from trusted experts in the field of child development and early education. The site aims to help parents make good decisions about how to raise curious young learners and provide guidance in helping their children navigate the digital landscape.

Britannica for Parents is divided into four sections: Curious Learners, Tech Savvy Family, The Power of Play and Raising a Human. Curious Learners offers everything from advice on how to advance listening skills to how to talk to young kids about diversity and COVID-19. Tech Savvy Family focuses on how to balance screen time and what apps and games make screen time a valuable resource. The Power of Play gives parents activity ideas and recommendations for toys that teach. Raising a Human provides parenting advice on current trends like how to get your kids to wear masks, as well as traditional topics like recycling and bedtime books.

“Every relationship begins with trust. Babies learn to trust when their parents respond with care and attention. Children learn to trust their teachers when they feel welcome and valued at school. Adults learn to trust when they are open and honest with each other,” Ann Gadzikowski, Director Of Early Learning at Encyclopædia Britannica, writes on the website. “Publishing authentic information about child rearing may seem like a new direction for Encyclopædia Britannica, but it’s actually an important part of our history….We commit to providing parents with accurate, research-based articles and resources that are curated by experts and authentically reflect the lives of real families….Together we’ll explore what it means to raise curious learners and navigate the digital landscape for 21st-century families.”

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