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How To Time Contractions In Early Labor (And When To Go To The Hospital)

Anyone who has given birth (or at least witnessed one), can probably confirm that it looks a lot different in real life than it does on TV. Typically, the Hollywood version of childbirth begins dramatically, with the character’s water breaking, and ends with a perfectly spotless baby emerging from underneath her hospital gown. Early labor…

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8 Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Actually Want To Play

martinedoucet/Getty Images Looking for more than ideas for just baby shower games? Welcome your little one in style with these ideas for stunning centerpieces, baby sprinkles, invitation wording, and kid-friendly party finger foods.  Baby shower gifts are cool and all, but have you ever LOL‘d during a super fun baby shower game? Anyone? Bueller? Okay,…

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What’s A Perineal Massage? Time To Stretch Your Pregnancy Comfort Zone (& Other Things)

Jonathan Borba/Unsplash From the minute you find out you’re pregnant, everyone starts throwing (usually unsolicited) advice at you about how to best prepare your body for the arrival of your little bundle of joy and poop. And one of the annoying things about pregnancy is that it’s constantly changing, so you can’t just tell people…

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