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We Can’t Forget About Postpartum Moms During The Pandemic

Scary Mommy and isayildiz/Getty On March 11, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and then on April 10, a close friend gave birth to a baby. The weeks leading up to the baby’s birth were full of stress, uncertainty, and questions with no easy answers. Where would she give birth? Would her…

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I’m A Badass Woman Who Pees Her Pants Sometimes And Still Gets Things Done

Listen, we can all agree that motherhood is beautiful. It’s the most wonderful time of the year or whatever. Not always perfect but overall 10/10 would purchase again. You get the idea. But it’s not without its hassles. (Obviously.) In addition to the pretty major, uh, lifestyle changes, there are some noticeable physical changes. Everything…

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When Choosing A Newborn Photographer, There’s More To Consider Than Artistic Ability

Nicole De Khors/Burst Newborn photography has become somewhat of a parenthood staple in America. I mean, is there anything quite as wholesome as a photo of your fresh squeeze all curled up, swaddled like baby Jesus in a muslin cloth, while showing off their best gummy grins to the camera? It. Is. Bliss. And what…

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Pubis Diastasis – A Real Pain in the Crotch

From about six months pregnant on, I was having this consistent pain in my lower left abdomen. “Ligament stretching,” they said. OK, I thought, that makes sense. After all the obsessive googling I was doing, out of natural paranoia, I was in agreeance even though the pain was only getting worse. Little did I know that this pain…

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It’s a… Ghost?! When Your Baby Monitor Does you Dirty

‘Tis the season for all things gloriously ghoulish, and one family just won the Internet by sharing their hilarious encounter with what they thought was a ghost in their baby’s crib. A mom named Maritza wrote a Facebook post about how her baby monitor (and lack of a mattress pad) did her dirty, and it’s both…

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Five Beautiful Truths about Postpartum Bodies

photo courtesy of @alliesdasilva Oh boy, this is the thing that is hard to ask, but am I vain because I am not always in love with my postpartum body? I go through waves and cycles of thinking, wait I have a life giving, life sustaining, powerful, beautiful body! I think this in the shower, that my…

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