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Halsey Says Her Pregnancy Was ‘100% Planned’ Amid Internet ‘Judgement’

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Halsey shuts down discourse around her pregnancy announcement The singer Halsey announced in January that she was expecting her first child, her rainbow baby, with her boyfriend Alev Aydin. The announcement, like most celebrity baby announcements, came as a surprise, which isn’t all that shocking, because one day you assume a celebrity…

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What I Feed My Baby Doesn’t Define Me As A Mother

Scary Mommy and Floortje/ MonthiraYodtiwong/Getty Since the day my daughter, Mia, was born, breastfeeding has come naturally to her. Her latch was perfect from the get-go and aside from the multiple bouts of the thrush monster we’ve had to battle, our nursing relationship has gone very smoothly. I have been exclusively breastfeeding her for 18…

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Pubis Diastasis – A Real Pain in the Crotch

From about six months pregnant on, I was having this consistent pain in my lower left abdomen. “Ligament stretching,” they said. OK, I thought, that makes sense. After all the obsessive googling I was doing, out of natural paranoia, I was in agreeance even though the pain was only getting worse. Little did I know that this pain…

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It’s a… Ghost?! When Your Baby Monitor Does you Dirty

‘Tis the season for all things gloriously ghoulish, and one family just won the Internet by sharing their hilarious encounter with what they thought was a ghost in their baby’s crib. A mom named Maritza wrote a Facebook post about how her baby monitor (and lack of a mattress pad) did her dirty, and it’s both…

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Five Beautiful Truths about Postpartum Bodies

photo courtesy of @alliesdasilva Oh boy, this is the thing that is hard to ask, but am I vain because I am not always in love with my postpartum body? I go through waves and cycles of thinking, wait I have a life giving, life sustaining, powerful, beautiful body! I think this in the shower, that my…

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Viral Photo Celebrates Different Ways to Feed your Baby

You know what’s old and outdated and lame? This idea that there’s a one size fits all, best way to feed a baby. In the back of our minds, we know that, but the feeding-induced mom guilt struggle is real, especially when you’re scrolling Insta during the 2am feed/scream sesh. Like, who can keep a messy bun…

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