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100 Great Gift Ideas for Babies Under One

4.2Kshares Coming up with baby gift ideas – even gifts for infants – is hard! I think we all understand that babies don’t want or really need anything, but I totally get that people really want to recognize special occasions. So I put my own list together of great gifts for kids under one. It…

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Awesome Online Pregnancy Tools

From online customized pregnancy calendars to due date calculators, today’s mother-to-be has so many online tools to choose from that an OB-GYN hardly seems necessary (just kidding – those appointments are really important). These tools allow future mamas to get a better understanding of everything from conception to pregnancy and delivery. I’ve crawled the web…

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Being Pregnant in Germany: Anatomy and Pregnancy Terms auf Deutsch

As a pregnant woman living in a first world country, I’ve had many visits to the doctor thus far. Every four weeks, to be exact. I’ve been poked and prodded much like I would be in the U.S. except not only are all these prods, tests, and ultrasounds covered by public health insurance (to which…

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7 Most Outrageous Pieces of Advice Pregnant Women Get

The moment you rock a baby bump you suddenly become public property. Complete strangers think they have the right to come up to you in the supermarket and just put their hands on your belly without even saying ‘Hello’. Surely that would be cause for arrest at any other time? It seems personal space no…

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How to Pack an “Oh Shit” Baby Kit for the Car

If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift, or just prepping your life with a newborn, consider putting together a do-it-yourself Oh Shit Baby Kit for the car. These emergency supply bags can get tossed in the trunk – or left at grandma’s house – for those unforeseen vomit/poosplosion moments that take you by…

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