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Chestfeeding, Co-Parent, Perinatal Ward –– It’s Time To Normalize These Birthing Terms

Cavan Images/Getty Though pregnancy and birth are most commonly consigned to the realm of women, many people who do not identify as women are capable of getting pregnant and giving birth. In fact, nonbinary, gender fluid, genderqueer, Two-Spirit, or transgender folks do get pregnant and require prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care. A hospital in the…

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I Didn’t Think About My Baby When I Gave Birth

mustafagull/Getty Some people make plans for birth. They pick meaningful music, write encouraging words on notecards, and meticulously pack their hospital bag. I was not one of those people. Some people think about their baby during birth. Their baby is their motivation, their source of energy and strength. They think about seeing their baby’s perfect…

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A Tale of Two Births: My C-Section and VBAC Experiences

When it comes to comparing C-sections vs VBACs, those who’ve gone through both can lend us some insight. Here’s one mom’s experience with each. I am the incredibly lucky mom of two beautiful children who are as different in their personalities as they are in the way they came into the world. I have a…

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I Almost Died During Childbirth

FatCamera/Getty Emergency C-section. Two blood transfusions. Septic shock. Multi-system organ failure. Emergency dialysis, and seven excruciating days away from my newborn son later, I realized how naive I was to think that “nobody dies during childbirth anymore.” I was admitted to the hospital at 39 weeks gestation.What was supposed to be an exciting time developed…

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I’m An OB/GYN Who Had A Preemie Baby By C-Section With Inadequate Anesthesia

Pixabay It was a Friday morning like any other Friday morning. And then the contractions started. I was used to having contractions. Our daughter had a rare intestinal malformation called duodenal atresia and it caused me to have extra amniotic fluid. Babies normally swallow amniotic fluid, but for our baby, the fluid couldn’t go past…

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