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How To Time Contractions In Early Labor (And When To Go To The Hospital)

Anyone who has given birth (or at least witnessed one), can probably confirm that it looks a lot different in real life than it does on TV. Typically, the Hollywood version of childbirth begins dramatically, with the character’s water breaking, and ends with a perfectly spotless baby emerging from underneath her hospital gown. Early labor…

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Is Labor Near? Everything To Know About Cervical Effacement (And Dilation, Too)

Ariel Skelley/Getty Images By the time you reach your third trimester, you may be convinced that you’re experiencing the longest pregnancy in history. And while that’s probably not true, that homestretch can feel agonizingly long. Here’s the thing, though: Just as you’re getting ready for your little nugget, your body is preparing for labor and…

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Should I Try for a VBAC or Have Another C Section?

If you’re thinking about having another baby after delivering via C-section, the conversation about “trying for a VBAC” will probably come up between you and your doctor, and maybe even when chatting with your family and friends. If you’ve never heard the term before, or even if you have but are a little fuzzy on…

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5 Reasons to Create a Birth Plan, Even Though Birth Never Actually Goes to Plan

Ok, you’re pregnant Great! You managed to get the baby in there, but what’s your plan for getting it out? Enter: the birth plan. Immediately followed by everyone telling you that births never really go to plan. So, knowing that births rarely go to plan, you may balk at the idea of creating a birth…

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A Tale of Two Births: My C-Section and VBAC Experiences

When it comes to comparing C-sections vs VBACs, those who’ve gone through both can lend us some insight. Here’s one mom’s experience with each. I am the incredibly lucky mom of two beautiful children who are as different in their personalities as they are in the way they came into the world. I have a…

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