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Infertility Isn’t Just About Getting Pregnant — It’s Also About Staying Pregnant

Courtesy of Khadijah Lardas Another month, another negative pregnancy test. Another month my heart felt distressed. Infertility had the audacity to strike again and it was ruthless, disrespectful and bold. It gave hope, only to cackle with laughter and then rip it to shreds. Courtesy of Khadijah Lardas It forced me to question myself over…

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We’re Struggling With Infertility And Please Don’t Tell Me ‘It’ll Work Out’

PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Infertility: it’s embarrassing, shameful, difficult, heart-breaking, and it tends to fill us with guilt. Above all infertility is misunderstood. Did you know that one in eight couples will have trouble getting pregnant? Or that there are plenty of individuals or different types of couples that must consider alternative family planning? Do you know…

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