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Having 3 or 4 Kids May Slow Down Biological Aging––Ummm What?!

Scary Mommy and Aleksei Morozov/Getty A recent study just published in Nature found that the number of instances a person gives birth may impact a person’s physical aging process. Since I birthed four children, naturally, I was a bit concerned. After all, this has some serious repercussions — does this mean I’m going to get…

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Nipple Thrush From Breastfeeding Is A Thing — Here’s What You Need To Know

Halfpoint Images/Getty Are your nipples burning and cracking? Are they shiny, itchy, and bleeding? Well, if they are — and if you’re breastfeeding –there’s a good chance you have nipple thrush, or a fungal infection of your breast tissue. And while many parents know the signs and symptoms of thrush in babies (it can cause white…

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Can We Stop It With The Mommy Bladder Jokes?

Scary Mommy, wittyotter_/Twitter, Pongsak Tawansaeng/EyeEm/Getty You’ve probably seen the memes and tweets about the infamous “mommy bladder” so many of us acquire after we’ve had a kid or two. You’ve probably laughed along with them, feeling a sense of relief knowing that you’re not the only one who leaks a little when you sneeze, jump,…

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Indiana Is In A State Of Crisis When It Comes To Maternal Mortality

Scary Mommy and Mayte Torres/Getty Indiana, for all of its faults, does have some benefits, including a relatively affordable cost of living. But when it comes to the price of health care in the state, an individual’s average payout for treatment is higher than many places in the nation, with ER visits more than double…

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What The Color Of Your Breastmilk Can Mean

Small Town Births/Instagram and exclusive_pumping/Instagram If you were asked to picture the color of breastmilk, you’d probably imagine a white or yellowish bottle of it. Or maybe you’d imagine its milky white goodness dribbling out of the corner of your baby’s mouth—or, let’s be honest, shooting straight across the room when your baby unlatches. Either…

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