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14 of the Nicest Birth Announcement Holiday Cards

I fell in love with these Birth Announcement Holiday Cards because ‘two-birds-with-one-stone’ is one of my favorite idioms (along with Bob’s your uncle) and you’re going to knock the socks off of anybody that receives one. I’ve tried to pick a variety of formats and price ranges and I’ve used a count of 25 to…

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The Best Llama Baby Stuff

Llamazing stuff for baby! It looks like llamas might be dethroning unicorns as 2020’s “it” animal, so here’s a round up of the best llama baby stuff out there. Halo Muslin Sleepsack Halo’s llama patterned sleep sack provides an extra layer of warm and cozy comfort to your baby while they snooze. This 100% cotton…

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Baby Product Safety Standards: Who Regulates What?

If you’ve ever wondered who’s in charge of making sure the products you’re using on your baby are safe, you’re not alone. The information around baby product safety is ever-evolving, and sometimes a product parents swear is a lifesaver one day is considered a ticking diaper bomb the next. If you’re in the dark about…

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Baby on a Budget – the Barest Bare Essentials

5.6Kshares I love websites that list the essentials baby items you’ll need and list a wipe warmer. I’ve got nothing against wipe warmers but I’d hardly call them a necessity when you have a baby and they are certainly not a necessity if you are having a baby on a budget. So I decided to…

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Best Baby Monitor Buying Guide

2.7Kshares Baby monitors are great because you can get anything from a basic cheap and cheerful one to a super-surveillance high-tech model that monitors your child’s every hope and dream. They’re all pretty nice because they give you the option of keeping tabs on your baby while you’re in another room – which means you…

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Finding the Best Infant Car Seat

When it comes to baby car seats, it might feel like you’ve got a million and one choices to make. So I’ve put together a little list to get you started. Start with the Basics: You basically have three styles to choose from for your newborn: infant car seats, rear-facing convertible car seats or all-in-ones.…

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