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The ‘Lose Weight By Breastfeeding’ Message Is Hurting Postpartum Moms

Anna Shvets/Pexels Lose weight while breastfeeding? Breastfeed to lose weight? For years, women have been indoctrinated to believe the most effective way to lose weight postpartum is to breastfeed. Or that the best reason to breastfeed is for weight loss. It’s high time to call out this crap for what it is: an instrument of…

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I Love My ‘Mom Pouch’ and Stretch Marks More Than I Ever Thought I Would

Courtesy of Lindsay Wolf It’s almost bedtime, and the kids are going bonkers. My nine-month-old has just learned how to walk, so he’s traipsing around the room like he owns the joint (and he kinda does). My 3-year-old is donning a cape and nothing else, as she runs around in circles making airplane sounds and…

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