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Our Son’s Circumcision Site Became Infected, And He Nearly Died

Scary Mommy and Nenov/Getty “Your baby’s too sick to stay here. We’re going to transfer him to the PICU where he can get more care.” As I processed the nurse’s words, a tsunami of panic engulfed me. I gasped for air. Moments earlier, my newborn son had been urgently admitted to the hospital’s pediatric unit.…

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I’m Terrified To Have Another Baby — But Not For The Reasons You Might Think

NickyLloyd/Getty My husband and I have two-year-old boy/girl twins who were conceived via IVF. While I always say that going through infertility to conceive my children made me a more resilient mom, I have to admit, the “terrible twos” are no joke, especially with twins. Still, when I think of having another baby, I’m not…

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