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As A NICU Parent, Sometimes You ‘Forget To Breathe’

ER Productions Limited/Getty As a new parent, you are filled with hopes, dreams, and excitement.  You don’t know what to expect, but, ultimately, you figure it will all work out.  Then, sometimes, the rug is pulled out from underneath you and all of your hopes, dreams, and excitement come crashing down. This is what happened…

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A Fellow Mom Showed Me Love, And I Carry That With Me To This Day

Scary Mommy and Westend61/Getty I’ll never forget the mom who saw me struggling with my one-year-old at the library over a decade ago, when I was an exhausted, stressed out new mom. My son had just learned how to walk, and he was taking full advantage, waddling around, pressing buttons on the computer, sticking his…

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I Thought I Had Pre-Baby Jitters, But It Was Pre-Natal Depression

Courtesy of Wendy Wisner You’re not supposed to feel like you’re grieving when you’re pregnant. Your pregnancy is not supposed to make you feel anxious and paranoid. What kind of person wants more than anything to get pregnant — and then, once it happens, they feel nothing but resentment and fear? I was that person.…

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