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10 Things New Parents Worry About (But Shouldn’t)

I can still remember all the worries we had welcoming our first baby. There were so many unknowns and we wanted to do everything just right. The unsolicited advice from family, friends and strangers was overwhelming and honestly, not very helpful. I wish someone had told me that not everything would come naturally – sometimes…

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Kids These Days – a Bullshit Line as Old as Time

“Kids these days…”  Do you ever hear that one? Regardless of whether these words slip from the lips of a disapproving family member or a disgruntled stranger, they can really pack a punch. But is there anything to them? Recently researchers (and what do you want to bet they were fed up parents?) decided to…

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Tips for Juggling Toddler and Newborn Routines

40 ways to make your life easier when you’re living life with a newborn and a toddler. Because babies are irresistible and parents are apparently gluttons for punishment, once we become pros at caring for one kid, a lot of us figure “why the hell not?” and decide to see what life’s like with a…

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Fetal Demise Delivery – What I Wished I Knew

The Day it All Goes Down When the ultrasound tech gave me a sorrowful face, apologized and looked down, my heart raced and tears started streaming. It’s like in the blink of an eye something was stripped from me. But not just something, the future, the excitement, the miracle, it was all gone in that second. Losing…

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It’s Possible to Hate Pregnancy, but Love Motherhood

I was one of those people who absolutely could not wait to be pregnant. I fantasized about what I would look like with a big ole’ baby bump and glowing skin. I touched my stomach tenderly and told myself one day. Then, that one day came. I saw two bright pink lines – a very positive…

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7 Most Outrageous Pieces of Advice Pregnant Women Get

The moment you rock a baby bump you suddenly become public property. Complete strangers think they have the right to come up to you in the supermarket and just put their hands on your belly without even saying ‘Hello’. Surely that would be cause for arrest at any other time? It seems personal space no…

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