Foods You Should Stay Away From When You Are Pregnant

The emotional and physical changes brought on by pregnancy can pose a challenge for women, whether they are first time mothers, or already have other children. The best thing you can do for yourself is read up on things that have been known to help others. The following article contains tips on helping your pregnancy go a little bit smoother.

As a pregnant woman, it’s important that you protect your skin while you’re out in the sun. The skin of a pregnant women is quite sensitive and more susceptible to sunburn and other irritations.

Litter Box

If there is a cat living in your household, draft a family member to change the litter box while you are pregnant. Cat feces can contain a parasite that can be dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn child. Get someone else to take care of the litter box until after the baby is born. Your spouse should be happy to take over this chore for the baby’s sake. If you aren’t married, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member to clean the litter box for you during your pregnancy.

You should start massaging your belly near the end of the second trimester. To do this, set up a few pillows behind you on a sofa or bed, ensuring that you are sitting comfortably. Use oil instead of lotion, and with light pressure, massage your stomach. To enhance the experience, add some soothing music and do breathing exercises. This will help you relax, and it will also soothe the baby.

During pregnancy, avoid drinking alcohol. When a pregnant woman drinks, the alcohol passes through the placenta to the unborn fetus. That is why women who are pregnant or trying to have a baby should avoid alcoholic beverages. Drinking while pregnant can cause physical or mental problems to the developing baby and also increases the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

Pregnant Women

Don’t sit in one position for long stretches. Many pregnant women suffer with badly swollen ankles and feet towards the end of the day. The reason that pregnant women experience swelling while at rest is because of the poor circulation throughout the legs and feet. The situation is exacerbated by prolonged periods of sitting behind a desk or while in a vehicle. To reduce such swelling, try sleeping on the left side of your body and soaking your feet in cool water. Also, don’t wear socks with tight elastic bands, and when sitting, avoid crossing your ankles.

Before conceiving, a visit to your doctor for a general physical is a great idea for both you and your baby’s father. This will give you a chance to get any tests necessary before you start the process of becoming pregnant. You can also use this visit to ask about any concerns you may have regarding the pregnancy.

Floss and brush your teeth while you are pregnant. This is, of course, an important tip to follow even when you’re not pregnant. That said, it becomes doubly essential during pregnancy. Pregnancy can leave women more susceptible to dental problems such as gum disease and gingivitis. And, if you aren’t taking care of your gums and teeth, it can only speed up any issues. Brushing and flossing twice a day will help to alleviate them.

Avoid smoking when you are pregnant. Many things can go wrong with your pregnancy if you smoke during it. Smoking is bad for both the child and the mother. Especially, there’s a big risk of something called an ectopic pregnancy. Smokers are also at greater risk of miscarriages and stillbirths. There’s risks for delivering prematurely, as well as big risks of birth defects.

Being pregnant should be enjoyed as the miracle that it is. You can expect to feel better and enjoy every moment by using the informative tips in the article above.

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