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She Was Pregnant With Twins During Covid. Why Did Only One Survive? – The New York Times

In March, with the coronavirus lockdown in full swing, Chrissy Sample was feeling anxious. Furloughed from her job and stuck at home with her 8-year-old son, she was also pregnant with twins, who were due in mid-July. Although she often felt immobilized by an intense pain in her legs and lower abdomen, her doctor regularly told her these feelings were normal. Ms. Sample had seen her regular obstetrician, but as a 34-year-old woman carrying more than one child, she was supposed to frequently see a high-risk obstetrician. […]

A pregnant woman with covid-19 was dying. With one decision, her doctors saved three lives. – The Washington Post

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My Water Broke At 7 Months, So I Had To Quarantine Alone In The Hospital

Courtesy of Jennifer Indig On the evening of the fourth of July, we gathered around the dining room table for a delicious feast of steaks, corn on the cob and pasta with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. Close friends of ours from Brooklyn we hadn’t seen since the beginning of the pandemic were visiting us in Connecticut where we rented a house for the summer. My eight and almost six-year-old daughters were looking forward to staying up past sunset to light fireworks and sparklers. Seven months pregnant, I […]

Why pregnant women face special risks from COVID-19 – Science Magazine

<!– –> Obstetrician Yalda Afshar is probing COVID-19’s impact during pregnancy. Her own baby is due in October. Aparna Sridhar By Meredith WadmanAug. 4, 2020 , 3:45 PM Science’s COVID-19 reporting is supported by the Pulitzer Center and the Heising-Simons Foundation. Yalda Afshar hears the worries every day from her patients: Will COVID-19 hit me harder because I’m pregnant? If I’m infected, will the virus damage my baby? Afshar, a high-risk obstetrician at Ronald Reagan University of California (UC), Los Angeles, Medical Center, understands the women’s concerns […]

8 Best Products To Tackle Stretch Marks & Hyperpigmentation Caused By Pregnancy—And Life

While many pregnancy side-effects are short term— like morning sickness that lasts all day, heartburn that lasts all night, postpartum hair loss or the inability to hold in your pee after a light sneeze— others are long-lasting, or even with us, well, forever. Some of the most pesky and common pregnancy hold-overs, that last well after your baby makes their big debut are skin-issues— usually in the form of stretch marks or hyperpigmentation (aka melasma). They are two top complaints among new moms chatting on Peanut, the […]