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Excess Weight Among Pregnant Women May Interfere with Child’s Developing Brain – NYU Langone Health

A new study has found that obesity in expectant mothers may hinder the development of the babies’ brains as early as the second trimester. Led by researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, the investigation linked high body mass index (BMI), an indicator of obesity, to changes in two brain areas, the prefrontal cortex and anterior insula. These regions play a key role in decision-making and behavior, with disruptions having previously been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and overeating. In their new study, published […]

Using marijuana in pregnancy may heighten baby’s risk of autism – NBC News

The risk of autism may be greater in babies born to women who used marijuana during pregnancy, a new study suggests. In an analysis of data from more than 500,000 Canadian mothers and their children, researchers found a 50 percent increase in the risk of autism spectrum disorder in kids whose mothers had used cannabis while pregnant, according to the report, published Monday in Nature Medicine. “Cannabis is not a benign drug and any use during pregnancy should be discouraged,” the study’s lead author, Daniel Corsi, an […]

‘Greater level of desperation’: As COVID-19 rages, pregnancy centers see surge in demand – USA TODAY

opinion Ericka Andersen Opinion contributor Published 6:00 AM EDT Aug 9, 2020 Pregnancy waits for no pandemic’s end. As COVID-19 continues to whip through the country, tens of thousands of women have found themselves unexpectedly pregnant at a most inconvenient time. Administrators in crisis pregnancy centers across the United States say the volume of calls has reached unprecedented levels as vulnerable, newly pregnant women have encountered job loss, lack of health insurance, increased domestic violence and indefinite financial instability. In at least five states, access to abortion was temporarily restricted as […]

Mantua shooting: 6 people shot; including one pregnant woman: Police – WPVI-TV

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Police are investigating a shooting involving six people in the city’s Mantua section. The shooting happened just before 9:30 p.m. on the 3800 hundred block of Poplar Street. Police say three of the victims are female, one pregnant and two children. A male was also shot. Police say a 59-year-old woman was shot in the left foot, and an 18-year-old woman-shot in right arm. In addition, a 24-year-old pregnant woman was shot in right thigh, an 18-year-old male suffered two graze wounds to the […]

Pregnant Mother Gets COVID-19, Delivers Baby Prematurely – News 13 Orlando

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Surgical technologist Brittany Hartwell never missed a day of work while pregnant. When she got sick, she thought her symptoms were because she was an expectant mother. What You Need To Know OBGYN: In some severe COVID-19 cases, pregnant women may deliver early Brittany Hartwell ended up delivering her baby 13 weeks early CDC: More than 15,000 women have tested positive for COVID-19 while pregnant As her symptoms got worse, she got checked out for COVID-19 and tested positive. “We wore the eye […]