✔ 2 SPLACH PROOF RESULT WINDOWS, shows the pregnancy test result clearly, very easy to read
✔ RELIABLE SENSITIVE 25 MIU, according to hundreds of tests in our laboratory, compare to 10 mIU, we choose the no fake positive test stick als sensitive 25 mIU for much better accuracy
✔ WIDE WATER ABSORPTION STRIP, the urine sample can be absorbed fully and quickly
✔ 10 SENCONDS and 3 MINUTES, dip in or pee on the absorption test strip of the stick for only 10 senconds, wait the result in exact 3 minutes no longer than 5 minutes
✔ 3 PREGNANCY TESTS, INDIVIDUAL ALUMINUM BAG PACKED, triple make sure of the results, moistureproof and prevent from damage

✔ Collect urine sample in any clean, dry, plastic or glass container or you can place the absorbent tip in urine stream
✔ Any urine sample is appropriate for Pregnancy Testing but the first morning urine is the best. Because of its highest concentration of hCG
✔ Prepare a timer (watch or clock) for timing

Testing steps
1. Remove the test device from the sealed pouch. Pull out the midstream cap and expose the absorbent
2. Place the absorbent tip in urine stream for at least 10 seconds to be thoroughly wet. Do not urinate passed the arrow mark
3. Re-cap the sticks and wait 3 minutes no longer than 5 minutes for color bands to appear
4. Read the result

Negative (not pregnant) Only one color line appears, on the control region(C). No line appears on the test region(T)
Positive (pregnant) lines with color appear on both (C) and (T) regions. The color of the test lines has a different dark, due to the concentrations of hCG at different pregnancy stages
Invalid No visible line at all, or only a visible (T)line. Please repeat the test with a new stick
NOTE If the color of the (T)line looks weak, it is recommended to repeat the test in 48 hours

Product Features

  • 99% ACCURATE MEASUREMENT – The AFAC Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test has an over 99% accuracy from the day you expected and can give you a clear and accurate result when you need it most.
  • 2 SPLASH PROOF WINDOW DESIGN – the Results are clear and easy to read.
  • FAST AND SENSITIVE – Place the absorbent tip in the urine stream for 10 seconds, wait 3 minutes and check the results.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FOR HOME USE – the 3 Pregnancy Test Sticks (HCG) provide a Professional care right at your doorstep.
  • EASY TO USE – The test is designed so that it’s easy to keep the test area in the urine stream. The grip at the end is simple and easy to hold.

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