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Unique Sourcing: Aeon omega 3 fatty acids are Exclusively sourced from Norwegian spring spawning herring caviar. Unlike most fish oil pills, we extract omega 3 fish oil using a precise technology that allows us to obtain nutrient-rich elements with Minimal impact on their natural structure and composition.
Optimal Formyla: Our fish oil supplements are a Superior source of Dha and Epa in a phospholipid form. They have an optimal ratio of 4:1 Dha/Epa. Similar concentrations of omega 3 acids are found Only in breast milk. Also, these organic fish oil pills are a natural source of CHOLINE, which directly benefits brain functioning, the nervous system, joints, muscles, eyes, and intestines.
Superior Biovailability: Unlike triglyceride-based Epa fish oil, phospholipid-bound omega 3 supplements are absorbed faster, better, and more easily by every cell in your body. In addition to faster absorption, phospholipids stimulate cell wall regeneration, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, and stimulate skin rejuvenation, so regular supplements of omega 3 fish oil benefit both heart and skin health.
No Fish Burps, NO Fishy After Taste: Aeon all-natural omega 3 fish oil capsules are easy to swallow, and no citrus or artificial flavors have been added. Thanks to their phospholipid form, our burp-free fish oil pills are naturally stable and resist oxidation. These effective fish oil vitamins for women and men are easily dispersed in oil or water so you can take these mini fish oil soft gels anytime.
97% Happy Customers: Our clients have said they experienced visible reductions in Pasi and Bsa and significant improvements in dry, scaly patches of itchy skin when they complemented their skin treatment with Aeon omega 3 supplements for at least 60 days.

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