Trying To Conceive Naturally?

Identifying your unique ovulation cycle is key to pinpointing the right fertile days to conceive your baby. With our optimised sensitivity DrKea OPKs Test Strips, you will get the most accurate and reliable results to track your ovulation cycles effectively. Clinically tested to have a 99.99% accuracy in the test results. Accurately determine your LH-surge days and understand your cycle without worries. No more guessworks and daily stress in your family planning. Best for TTC.

To Use:

1. Simply urine into the disposable cup provided, dip test strips (not exceeding the MAX line), lay strip flat for 3-5 minutes and read results after.

2. Do not use first urine in the morning. You may choose to test once or twice a day. Best time: Between 11 am and 3 pm and again between 5 pm and 10 pm. Aim to do it at the same time (or times) each day.

3. Keep track of your strips by recording it on your calendar.

Eg. of 28 Days Cycle:

Day 1-7: No Test Line/Faint Test Line

Day 8-14: Test Line is Lighter than Control Line

Day 15-17: Test Line is Same as Control Line

Peak: Test Line is Darker than Control Line

Day 18-19: Fertile Days

Day 19-28: Test Line is Lighter than Control Line

Early Pregnancy Detection

Our HCG Pregnancy Test Strip Kit is tested to be highly sensitive to detect the lowest HCG hormones present in your urine, as low as 5 mIU/mL. You may start testing for pregnancy as early as 12 days after conception. We provide enough pregnancy test strips for you to confirm your pregnancy before announcing it to your partner.

1. A faint positive may indicate pregnancy, repeat the test the next morning to confirm the results.

2. Do not read after 15 minutes.

Product Features

  • 50 OVULATION & 20 PREGNANCY TESTS STRIPS – Enough test strips to last you for 3 months and to help determine your personal ovulation cycle precisely. Confirm ovulation & pregnancy as many times if you wish. Comes with additional 20 disposable urine cups for your convenience!
  • RELIABLE OVULATION TRACKER – Trying to conceive a baby naturally? Get reliable and accurate insights of your ovulation cycle to determine the best time to try to conceive a baby naturally without stress.
  • OPTIMUM LH SENSITIVITY – Our Ovulation Fertility Test Kits are able to detect LH-Levels precisely without guessworks from 5mIU/mL to 25mIU/mL. Get clear and precise readings with a 4mm strip window.
  • EARLY PREGNANCY DETECTION – No more waiting in anticipation, detect your pregnancy as early as 2 weeks after conception, with our high sensitivity HCG test strips. It can detect as low as 5mIU/mL, showing a faint positive line to confirm your pregnancy.
  • LESS STRESS FAMILY PLANNING – We are here to support your family planning journey. Comes with DrKea Ovulation Tracking Calendar Sheet to help you with better planning & schedule management.

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