Black & White Paperback Edition

Paperback: 70 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace

Are you pregnant? Don’t know what to eat not to make meals harmful? No panics! Food for pregnant women is not a problem anymore. We have made an amazing collection of not only healthy but delicious recipes. Our authors took care of pregnancy diet.

This cookbook was designed as a daytimer, so you can choose the best pregnancy meal plan for yourself. By virtue of the fact that healthy food for pregnant women is really important this book provides the ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner or appetizers according to the trimester. All the pregnancy recipes are provided with the detailed directions for preparations, photos, and caloric value. Pregnancy nutrition should be always provided by the full amount of the vitamins, so we offer the pregnancy food chart for:

1st Trimester Vitamin B6 Rich Recipes,

2nd Trimester Omega-3, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D rich recipes,

3rd Trimester (Vitamin K Rich Recipes).

So use this book as pregnancy diet chart to avoid any problems that could be expected from the food. The pregnancy diet plan includes the variety of vegetables and fruit. Pregnant women diet is delicious! Pregnancy food shouldn’t be extraordinary! Follow the recipes and use healthy pregnancy diet.

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