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3 Responses to Your Pregnancy Bible new revised and expanded edition

  1. Aprichelle says:

    Definitive Book of Pregnancy Thorough…This book answered every question a first time expectant mum could want answers to– it has advice and information from preconception to the early days of caring for your newborn. It gave matter-of-fact information that did not speak down to the reader, but rather put things into simple, concrete terms which made this book a straight forward and enjoyable read. The book does not read like a magazine with ‘real life stories from the trenches’, but is more medical and clinical…

  2. Mrs. G. M. Glover says:

    Excellent – everything I wanted to know Don’t let the size of the book put you off – yes it looks like a weighty tome, but it’s crammed full of useful information. If, like me, you wanted to know absolutely everything that can happen, this book is worth buying. It’s not funny, there are no characterisations or diaries, but it is a good companion – even from before you conceive. I especially like the week by week development of the foetus – lots of books miss great chunks of this, but this covers it all and has photos etc too. I’ve…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does Exactly What it Says on the Cover!! This book really is a Bible. Obviously as I’m planning to start a family I needed to buy 17 books that all say the same thing, which luckily meant I was bound to get one that was good!! This one is more than good, I’d say it was great, it’s easy to read and broken down into informative and well researched chapters. I’ve found some of the books to be a little too overwhelming and sometimes quite dated (Birth & Beyond – Dr. Yehudi Gordon) although very often their not that old. Some books…