Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Step-by-step yoga postures specially adapted for each trimester, relaxation techniques and simple breathing exercises will show you how to adjust to the physical demands of labour and give birth with minimum strain. From conception to birth, help develop shared wellbeing, with the only guide to identify the real advantages of yoga for mother and baby. Step-by-step photography to help you practice at home or in classes safely. Keep healthy throughout your pregnancy and regain your figure after birth. Shows how breathing and relaxation techniques will help cope with the demands of motherhood.

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3 Responses to Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

  1. Sparklycat says:

    Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond All Francoise Freedman’s books are excellent and this latest is no exception. What is great about this book is that it is suitable for those who have practiced little or no yoga before and also for experienced yoginis. The book takes you safely through the three trimesters with mini sequences, explaining what muscles you are strengthening and stretching. Common complaints like sciatica and symphysis pubis disorder are also addressed. The beautifully shot photos make everything clear and easy to…

  2. Alison says:

    Highly recommended for pregnant ladies I attended a pregnancy yoga class but used this book extensively at home. I found doing a little yoga each day throughout my pregnancy helped me feel flexible, strong and calm. I had a great pregnancy and think this contributed a lot to it.It’s assumes no previous experience, explains everything really well and is helpfully split into each trimester. Just doing a couple of sequences a day (10-15 mins) helped and I did it right up to my delivery at 38 weeks. I would recommend this book…

  3. Sarah Crowe says:

    great book I bought this book during the second trimester of my first pregnancy and found it excellent for adapting my yoga for pregnancy. As said in previous reviews, what gives this book the edge is that it takes you beyond the birth into 16 weeks afterwards. What is also good is that unlike many other books I have seen, the sequences in this book will appeal to those beginning yoga and already experienced in it as they feature various variatons of the same pose. Also good is the advice panals for…