Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth: Teach Yourself

Teach yourself Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth offers expectant mothers – and their birth partners – an effective and uniquely holistic guide to maximising their health and their spiritual and emotional wellbeing throughout pregnancy and beyond. It explains how the principles of yoga can be used to gain a deeper insight into the process of pregnancy, in addition to outlining practical instructions for simple exercises and breathing techniques allowing readers to create a yoga and breathing program that works uniquely for them. An accompanying audio CD will allow readers to practice breathing exercises which are designed to help control labour pains, while there will be plenty of further resources and even a guide to using yoga to help your postnatal recovery. – yoga is now recommended by NHS sources and midwives as an excellent antenatal exercise and a uniquely holistic guide that allows women to learn more about both their bodies and how yoga can help them in pregnancy. Basic and easy to follow exercises and diagrams will be suitable for both beginners and those who already practice yoga Breathing techniques and relaxation exercises will benefit mothers both during their pregnancy and during the labour. A unique CD gives readers breathing exercises and techniques specially designed for pregnancy and birth. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli is a highly qualified and respected yoga therapist, a writer with an established publishing history and with excellent contacts across the NHS and NCT, and a lecturer and trainer who has been practicing yoga since she was four years old and teaching yoga since 1994.

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2 Responses to Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth: Teach Yourself

  1. Hanna says:

    Fantastic read for prenatal times I have tested this book on my pregnant friends and relatives and they were thrilled. The autor goes through various exercises (or more precisely, asanas) and exercise plans for all stages of pregnancy. She adresses the most common ailments and potential challeneges that may hinder a future mother’s well-being with an array of poses and yogic solutions. These has been tested by Uma herself throught many years of her career – I would decidedly trust her authority on the topic of prenatal…

  2. Revitalise says:

    Excellent book