What Kiss: Pregnancy and Historical Romance (A Mixed M/F Romance Book Collection)

Get FIVE sweet pregnancy and historical romance short stories PLUS bonus steamy romance stories inside!

Bound by the Bronco–Cowboy and Pregnancy Romance

Carter isn’t your typical cowboy. Not by a long shot. He’s rich, handsome, and has a particular appreciation for the kinky side of life. And he’s not shy about bringing that kink into the office. It’s an arrangement that has worked for everyone for quite some time. But that’s about to change. The heat is about to get turned up. Carter isn’t just looking for a willing submissive. He’s also looking for the right woman to carry his baby.

The competition in the office will be fierce. Any woman would kill for a chance to carry his seed. And one of them might do just that.

Egyptian Secrets –Historical Threesome FFM Romance

In the early twentieth century, when Great Britain occupied Egypt, thousands of British explorers made their way to the Arab country in search of gold and other treasures buried by the pharaohs millennium ago.

William Bettencourt and his wife, Anna, are two such explorers who left their comfortable lives in London to explore the Egyptian desert. When their friend, Haji, tells them about the ancient city of Hisyut and the treasures that lie undisturbed, William and Anna begin a grueling trek through the desert with just a map drawn by Haji’s brother many years ago. They aren’t aware of the dangers of the Egyptian desert, notably King Mahmoud, who rules over a vast area of land untouched by the British.

When William and Anna stumble into his kingdom, he takes them hostage and demands ransom from the British government. But little does King Mahmood know, his daughter, Metimeh, will become his biggest enemy when she falls in love with the British hostages.

Heights of Passion–MFM Ménage Basketball and Pregnancy Romance

Larry tried to forbid his fiancée from going to live basketball games due to her pregnancy. Tanya, on the other hand, feels that it is her right to go to the games, since they do not pose any danger to her. After a series of arguments, Tanya discovers how insecure Larry is, even accusing her of seducing guys, and she decides that enough is enough. She moves in with her best friend, Sheila, after a game. Sheila’s brother, Clive is on the basketball team, and Tanya has had a crush on him since they were teenagers, but he has never taken notice of her until she turned up at their house pregnant.

During a party, Clive’s best friend seduces Tanya and they wind up making out. Clive, on the other hand, is hunting for her all over the place, only to find her with his best friend. Tanya shows both men that a pregnant woman can give them just as much pleasure as a normal woman.

Kissing a Scoundrel –Regency Historical Romance

Emily Crawford, a lady of means with a nerve ridden nature, never believed her father’s business would be hers. She had assumed that as an only child to the late Lord Crawford the family estate would. When both are willed to Owen Harding, her father’s younger business partner and well known scamp, Emily believes that her only chance at comfort or happiness is to achieve an acceptable marriage.

How will she do that when her father’s last words have also stipulated that Mister Harding, an adamant bachelor, will be joining her for the entirety of the social season? Will her nervous tendencies give away her anxious nature? Will she be able to ignore what he makes her feel?

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