Weaning: What to Feed, When to Feed, and How to Feed Your Baby

When is the right age to give my baby solids? When can I introduce her to meat? What if she has allergies? Is peanut butter safe? Bestselling children’s author, Annabel Karmel, steers you through the confusion, from the very first spoonful and essential nutrition information to key concerns and the latest allergy advice. With over 50 healthy, delicious recipes and accompanied by menu planners, Annabel shows you how to establish good eating habits that will stay with your child for life!

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2 Responses to Weaning: What to Feed, When to Feed, and How to Feed Your Baby

  1. Bean15 says:

    Excellent book, good use and variety of ingredients, really tasty results. As a new grandmother I have been keen to produce homemade food for my 10month old grandson as I did for my own children. I now have reusable pouches (a change from freezing ice cubes of bolognese!) and batch make meals and freeze for mum and ourselves. I have had this book a little while but waited to review it until I felt I had worked my way through most of the book. I have to say the recipes are excellent and there have been a few surprises. Liberal use of herbs, mozzarella and all are clear…

  2. Good customer says:

    … of other mummies and I think it is really good. It is straightforward