True First Signs Pregnancy Test Strips (20 Pack) Pregnancy Test Kit for Home Use, CE Approved

Find Out If You Are Pregnant As Soon As Possible

True’s test works by detecting a pregnancy based hormone in your urine called hCG. This hormone is an excellent marker for the early detection of pregnancy.

True First Signs Pregnancy test has an analytical sensitivity of 10mIU/ml and can detect pregnancy as early as 4-5 days before your first missed menses.

How accurate are True’s First Sign Tests

True’s Pregnancy tests have been clinically tested under laboratory conditions and have been shown to be over 99% accurate.

When Should I Take The test

You can perform the test at any time of the day, however your first morning urine has the highest levels of hCG concentration.

How quickly do I get the results

You will be able to read the results within 5 minutes

Does a faint pink line indicate pregnancy

Yes. If two lines appear you are pregnant. You should confirm these results by visiting your doctor.

What can affect the accuracy of the test

Drinking alcohol, painkillers, oral contraceptives, antibiotics and other common drugs will not affect the result of these tests.

Special Offer:

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If you are in any way unsatisfied with the results, True provides a full, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Product Features

  • Detects Pregnancy as early as 4-5 days before your missed period
  • Simple to use with easy to read results
  • CE approved and manufactured under ISO 13485 Quality Management System
  • Over 99% accurate after the first day of your missed period
  • Premium Brand at an affordable price

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