Travel Set – Airplane Travel – Inflatable Pillows For Travel – Bonus FREE Eye Mask – Ear Plugs – Pillow Travel – Are Pillow – Plus & Refresher Wipes

“Travel light and easy with peace of mind as you sleep comfortably on your next long journey”

Everything You Need for Quiet, Comfortable Travel
Travelling can be a pain – especially on long airplane flights or train journeys. Eliminate neck stiffness and soreness, block out bright, distracting light and muffle loud noises to finally get the rest you deserve!

3-in-1 Set
This set includes a velvet inflatable neck pillow, pair of noise-blocking earplugs and comfortable, effective eye mask. Here’s all you need for quieter, more comfortable journeys conveniently packaged together in one set!

Lightweight, Portable Design
Each item is designed to be compact and lightweight – perfect for travel so that it doesn’t add unnecessary weight or take up space in your bag, backpack or suitcase.

Soft Neck Pillow Inflates & Deflates Fast
Your neck pillow features a wide valve, allowing you to quickly blow it up with only a few breaths of air. Sit back and relax in seconds – then once your journey’s done, quickly deflate and pack it up once again.

FREE Carry Bag Included
It’s easy to bring this travel set with you anywhere – simply pack your three items in the carrying pouch and you’re good to go. For your convenience, we’ve included this carrying pouch absolutely free!

Don’t wait to order the best travel set on the market today! Click “Add to Cart” now to have your brand new neck pillow, eye mask and earplugs rushed directly to your door!

Product Features

  • Why is our offer the BEST ON AMAZON? – Well we believe that AIRPLANE TRAVEL requires a 5-IN-1 COMPLETE PACKAGE for the best comfort – Our handy set includes a velvet inflatable NECK PILLOW a pair of EARPLUGS to effectively BLOCK OUT NOISE, a comfortable EYE MASK to BLACK OUT light while you sleep + some MOIST WIPES to freshen up your face & neck, PLUS a CARRY POUCH.
  • Our TRAVEL PILLOW set provides all you need for quiet, comfortable journeys & its inflate/deflate button REALLY WORKS fast – so when your tired of loud noises, bright lights, and neck soreness disrupting sleep on your journeys, this NECK REST travel set takes care of all that quickly, easily and hassle-free, GUARANTEED!
  • We know that neck pillows for airplanes need to be PORTABLE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – Guess what, this neck support travel pillow is just that! You can take this set with you anywhere your travels take you – it won’t take up much room in your suitcase. So don’t wait, ADD TO CART now.
  • THIS REALLY WORKS – Our NECK PILLOWS inflate & deflate FAST! – It only takes a few seconds to fully inflate this neck pillow – a wide valve ensures you can fill with air to relax in seconds, then deflate quickly at the end of your journey.
  • Our AIRPLANE PILLOW includes a FREE CARRY POUCH – Carry all three items with you in the convenient carry bag – included with your travel set absolutely FREE, so hurry and buy one NOW!

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One Response to Travel Set – Airplane Travel – Inflatable Pillows For Travel – Bonus FREE Eye Mask – Ear Plugs – Pillow Travel – Are Pillow – Plus & Refresher Wipes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was enchanted by the dinky little drawstring bag that the travel pillow comes in. The material of the bag, pillow and mask is lovely and soft with the appearance of denim but not the rigidity of denim so it’s nice and comfortable against the skin.The inner pillow inflates quickly and easily and is surprisingly supportive, despite its size, of the neck in an upright position. The mask is comfortable and thick enough to shut out normal light, although you can see out of the bottom if you…