The VOLAR Travel Pillow │Orthopedic and ergonomic neck support pillows │Memory foam | Thermo-regulating pillowcase│Pillow / neck cushion for travel by car plane or train│40 x 25 x 10 cm

The Travel Pillow VOLAR is the perfect travel companion. Whether in the car, plane, train, hotel or even in the tent on a beautiful hike,
with this small viscoelastic pillow, you will always have a piece of home with you and won’t have to miss your usual sleeping comfort .

The travel pillow with the special Phase Change Cover comes in a practical travel bag (26 cm long, 13 cm diameter) in which it takes up very little space in your luggage.
In addition to the thermoregulating cover, the pillow also has the other features of Third of Life® pillows: viscoelastic SmartFoam and fully integrated ventilation channels!

Size: 40 x 25 x 10 cm

Product Features

The Performance Pillows from Third of Life® are characterized by creating a perfect sleep climate
through Thermic™ covers, optimal ergonomic support by SmartFoam, perfect air circulation
through ventilation channels and an exact fit for the preferred sleeping position.

  • Perfect Sleep Climate
    Thermoregulating micro capsules in the specific Thermic™ pillow cover ensure
    an ideal temperature control – never too warm, never too cold, no sweat
  • Optimal Support through SmartFoam
    Specifically developed SmartFoam offers the right balance between
    ergonomic support and recumbency comfort
  • Ideal Air Ventilation
    Ventilation channels running through the entire pillow ensure a perfect
    air circulation and quick moisture transport
  • Best Fit for any Sleeping Position
    Ergonomically suitable pillow shape for any sleeping position –
    for a healthy and natural posture during sleep

For more information don’t hestitate to contact us. We are happy to hear from you!

Product Features

  • ✪ THE PERFECT PILLOW FOR ON THE GO: The VOLAR is the perfect pillow for traveling . Whether by car, plane, train, hotel a ” power nap ” in the office or on the couch. A peaceful night sleep is always ensured . With our viscoelastic TRAVEL PILLOW you never have to give up your home comforts again!
  • ➤ LIGHT AND SPACE-SAVING: The VOLAR weighs less than half a liter of water and comes in a handy travel pouch meaning it can be taken and stored anywhere you may need it.
  • ➤ ERGONOMIC and ORTHOPAEDIC : Together with sleep experts, we have developed the heat-regulating SMART FOAM pad that allows a perfect sleep experience and aids your recovery at night. Our pillow provides optimum support for your neck and cervical spine (CS) which releases tension and can prevent back and neck pain.
  • ➤ Optimal HEAT & MOISTURE Control: We boast Thermo-regulating microcapsules and Incorporated ventilation ducts in our special thermo pillowcase. These ensure optimal ventilation, ideal temperature management and keep you in a healthy microclimate during sleep. In plain terms this means less sweating and freezing during your nights sleep.
  • ➤ ONLY THE BEST QUALITY : We only use high quality materials for our Visco pillow . The Pillowcase is 65% Polyester , 35 % Viscose ( Thermic Inside ) // The core of the pillow is 100 % Viscoelastic Memory Foam.

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3 Responses to The VOLAR Travel Pillow │Orthopedic and ergonomic neck support pillows │Memory foam | Thermo-regulating pillowcase│Pillow / neck cushion for travel by car plane or train│40 x 25 x 10 cm

  1. Manolita6 says:

    Relaxing comfortably – also while traveling A lot of times when travelling, I‘m experiencing some issues with my neck. That’s because I fall asleep when hearing monotone noises and my head just tilts to the side. I’ve thought several time about how to manage this. That’s why I thought I’d try this travel pillow. My first impression The delivery was very quick and the packaging was adequate. The pillow itself was in a seperate round bag (travel packaging!) which is dirt-repellent. In the first moment one…

  2. zerigela says:

    Pleasant lying comfort – good travel bag – optically spoiled through side label = DELIVERY and PACKAGING =The pillow is packaged and delivered neatly: It comes within the enclosed travel bag. There is a small informational tag attached, but there is no detailed product information – except for the description uploaded here .= FIRST IMPRESSION =When you take the pillow out of the bag it seems to be very small and it doesn’t fill out the cover at all. If you wait a few minutes the pillow grows into its original size. When unpacking the for the first…

  3. Amazon Kunde says:

    Perfect for travelling and unbelievably comfortable! Small but really very useful. I often got the problem that I do not sleep well in hotels because their pillows are either too soft, small or just uncomfortable. This pillow puts that in the past, as from now on, I’m taking this neck support pillow with me. It can be transported and stored in the bag (see picture) on travels. Super practical. Concerning its qualities during sleep, I can only tell this: Simply very comfortable. Heat compensation is working fantastically well in this pillow…