The Ultimate Guide to Eating during Pregnancy

This book contains proven steps and strategies on the kind of diet that you need to take and follow while carrying your precious gift. You are now embarking on the greatest journey you will ever take – pregnancy. The 9 months will be full of excitement and expectation for you. And, this eBook is created to help and support an expectant Mom like you every step of the way.
Here, you will find a diet food plan you may choose to follow and other information about the different vitamins and minerals needed by you and the developing baby inside you. You will also find in this book information about different nutritional food as well as suggestions on how to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

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3 Responses to The Ultimate Guide to Eating during Pregnancy

  1. Young.couple says:

    The author writes in a very easy and accessible way even for those who are overwhelmed … I thought I was requesting a hard copy of this book. I wanted to give it to my daughter who is expecting her second baby at the age of 39. But I then saw that the Kindle Edition (online) is free to everyone, so she will order it for herself.It contains a lot of good common sense, explaining the importance of the various food groups, vitamins and nutrients etc. There are lots of daily meals suggestions to help a new mother have a sufficiency of all of these, for herself and her…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book, I’m not pregnant at the moment but have not long had a baby and have a parenting blog, so it was really insightful for me to read. I always thought that I ate healthily during my pregnancy but after reading this book I think I should have eaten a little bit better.The book is really easy to read and is broken down into small sections, I really enjoyed all the recipes especially the snacks section, as thats something I always found difficult whilst…

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a couple going through our first pregnancy, my wife was thrilled when I stumbled across this comprehensive book on nutrition during pregnancy. The author writes in a very easy and accessible way even for those who are overwhelmed by the prospect of what pregnancy and a little addition to your family might entail.This ebook is divided into easy to digest chapters covering different pregnancy nutrition topics:-healthy diet-weight and pregnancy plan-meal plans for…