The Stretch Marks Factor: Prevent Stretch Marks & Build Naturally Vibrant Skin

New from NYT bestselling author Dave Asprey and Dr. Lana Asprey, MD: The Stretch Marks Factor shares the science that let Dr. Lana completely avoid stretch marks through two pregnancies (in her early forties)… and helped Dave minimize his own stretch marks after dropping over 100 pounds.

Dave first encountered stretch marks as an overweight 16-year-old. After he developed the Bulletproof Diet, he vowed to take the biohacking insights he gained about how to care for your skin and make them accessible to people who gain weight and all women who are pregnant or might consider pregnancy one day.

What’s the secret? There’s no miracle cure. Just a simple, evidence-based protocol designed to stop new stretch marks before they start, and minimize any you already have. All by improving your skin’s own natural resilience.

Following the Aspreys’ advice can have some great ‘side effects’ as well: Brighter skin, healthier nails, and even faster healing.

Read this outside-the-box, full-body approach to revitalizing your skin to discover…

• The connection between stretch marks, hormones and stress

• Why only 50% of pregnant women ever get stretch marks

• The one key type of skin cells behind stretch marks (and wrinkles) – and how to keep them healthy

• Seven nutrients that make healthy skin (plus ‘kryptonite’ foods to avoid)

• Six cutting-edge techniques to eliminate stretch marks without plastic surgery

• Beyond the multivitamin: Supplements essential for healthier, blemish-free skin… and much more.

“Stretch marks are a burden or a fear for many people, but they don’t have to be. With proper nutrition and an informed lifestyle, you can keep stretch marks at bay and reap the benefits of healthy skin. Stretch marks have affected my life, and Lana and I hope this book will keep them from affecting yours.” –Dave and Lana Asprey

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