The Pregnancy And Postnatal Workout [DVD]

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3 Responses to The Pregnancy And Postnatal Workout [DVD]

  1. A Customer says:

    very disappointed I was very disappointed in the DVD. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and I wanted a bit more of a workout than the Pilates DVD that I am currently doing. Although the workout is not overly strenuous, I felt that the moves were quite fast and not enough attention was paid to making sure that you are doing the moves correctly and safely, especially if you are later on in your pregnancy. The instructor did not show alternate positions for some exercises (there is no possible way that I can lean…

  2. Ac says:

    Effective and enjoyable

  3. Anonymous says:

    Poor sound but good workout As many people have already noted the sound quality is extremely poor – it sounds hollow and echoey – but we have surround sound on our dvd system which seems to make it bearable. I didn’t have a problem with hearing what the instructor said once I got used to it.As a workout it certainly got my heart pumping and I felt like I’d had a workout. The exercises are all quite fast but it wasn’t difficult to keep up and on the second playing I was already used to the routine…