The Perfect Pregnancy Workout vol. 3:The Ancient Art of Belly Dance for Labor

It’s a little-known fact that belly dance began as a birth ritual. The rhythmic movements and circles help mothers caress their little ones down the birth canal. Long before epidurals, women in labor belly danced their babies into the world.

Elisa Llamido, a dancer, martial artist and acrobat, brings this ancient technique to modern day in this stunningly-photographed workout.

Primal Taiko drums power the thirty-five minute sequence, which isolates different areas of the body and highlights movements to use in labor.

Exercisers can choose between the slower-paced beginner version and the challenging advanced version.

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target the muscles needed for birth, improve your body image, visualize your labor, relieve lower back pain, connect with your baby, and reduce time and pain in labor by practicing muscle isolations to help your baby descend.

The workout includes kegel exercises, a visualization segment for the third trimester, instructional section and special featurettes.

Does it work? Elisa belly danced through her labor without drugs or pain in four short, beautiful hours from her first contraction to delivery.

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