The Original THERALINE incl. cover “grey”

The Original THERALINE incl. cover “grey”

Product Features

  • Maternity & Nursing Pillow
  • The perfect pillow for pregnancy & nursing
  • Genuine sand-like micro bead filling with a perfectly fitted high quality cover

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2 Responses to The Original THERALINE incl. cover “grey”

  1. Emma A. says:

    Essential if you aren’t a natural side sleeper. I bought this at 2 months pregnant and didn’t get on with it as it seemed too hard and restrictive. Tried it again at month 4 and now can’t sleep without it at month 7. Everywhere warns against sleeping on your back after month three as it restricts blood flow to baby and I tried softer hollowfibre body pillows in the meantime but sometimes found myself on my back again during the night because traditional pillow fillings move too easily. The theraline doesn’t feel soft, but it compensates by…

  2. Moviga says: