The Naked Truth about Childbirth & a Healthful Pregnancy: Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for a New Generation of Moms and Dads

Ultimate step-by-step guide on what to expect before and after. We teach you everything you need to know about pregnancy, different types of childbirth, and what to watch out for. Get first hand experiences and info on precaution against the Zika virus, granny panties, vivid dreams, pregnant sex, prenatal screening, preventing postpartum depression, breastfeeding tips, weird taste changes, and many more…

Are you looking for a pregnancy, birth, and new baby book that won’t scare the pants off you?

I keep it real but also celebrate the joy of childbirth and that first precious year, and go easy on the scary stuff.

I break it down for you in easy step-by-step bullet points that cover:

* What mom is going through
* How baby is developing
* What to expect from the doctor checkups
* Family dynamics that may be going on
* Those Magical Moments that happen along the way

And once the baby is born?

I’ve got you covered there too with the same easy guides on what to expect, how baby is developing during that first year, and what baby milestones are coming.

Information you’ll get for that first year…

* Baby Milestones
* Doctor Stuff/Checkups
* Family Dynamics
* Magical Moments

Whether you’re a first time parent or on your second, third, or fourth baby, you’ll feel like this book was written just for you.

We’ve included two free downloadable summaries and two extra helpful pregnancy and baby checklists.

* Hospital Bag Items Checklist
* Checklist of Activities to Involve Older Siblings

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