The Flame’s Obsession: Pregnancy Romance Book Collection

Get THREE hot pregnancy romance short stories PLUS free bonus steamy romance stories inside!

Quest of Muscular – Pregnancy and Military Romance

Annie’s boyfriend is temporarily deployed out of town soon after she conceives. She realizes that the bigger her belly, the more the urge for sex has become. There aren’t many people who live around the military quarters apart from the soldiers and their families, and she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to her boyfriend’s best friend, Marc.

Marc comes by to check on her every so often and is more and more attracted to her as her pregnancy progresses. One day he decides to seduce her and she gives in to his tanned muscular body. He reminds her so much of Richard that she surrenders to him completely.

Annie’s best friend, Mattie on the other hand, also has the hots for Marc and knowing that Annie’s boyfriend, Richard will be coming back from deployment soon, she plots for the perfect position to have Marc come running into her arms without opposition.

Heights of Passion–MFM Ménage Basketball and Pregnancy Romance

Larry tried to forbid his fiancée from going to live basketball games due to her pregnancy. Tanya, on the other hand, feels that it is her right to go to the games, since they do not pose any danger to her. After a series of arguments, Tanya discovers how insecure Larry is, even accusing her of seducing guys, and she decides that enough is enough. She moves in with her best friend, Sheila, after a game. Sheila’s brother, Clive is on the basketball team, and Tanya has had a crush on him since they were teenagers, but he has never taken notice of her until she turned up at their house pregnant.

During a party, Clive’s best friend seduces Tanya and they wind up making out. Clive, on the other hand, is hunting for her all over the place, only to find her with his best friend. Tanya shows both men that a pregnant woman can give them just as much pleasure as a normal woman.

Kiss of Tomorrow –Military and Pregnancy Romance

Avery Sherman’s life is a mixed bag of love and tragedy—which comes with the territory. Six months pregnant, and engaged to a serving Marine corporal, she endures long spells alone in her apartment, with occasional visits from her hard-working fiancée.

But when he returns home unexpectedly, having survived another dangerous fire fight, she is profoundly grateful to have him in her life, and puts aside the fears that one day he might never return to her embrace.

For such a thing to happen would be devastating and unthinkable.

She could never be so unlucky.

Could she?

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