The Fertility Diet

Approximately GBP500m per year is spent in the UK on assisted conception techniques such as IVF by couples who do not know that their diet could be affecting their fertility. Men and women who are stigmatised as ‘infertile’ or told they are too old to have a baby feel betrayed by their own bodies yet, according to Sarah Dobbyn, biological age and chronological age do not have to coincide. If your body believes you are young and healthy enough to have a baby, no matter how old you are, you will be able to conceive a child – and easily. Not only this, but a healthy diet that eschews ‘contraceptive foods’ can enhance libido and delay the onset of the menopause. With chapters on fertility power foods, supplements and drinks, enhancing male fertility and avoiding miscarriage, The Fertility Diet will tell readers everything they need to know about staying as young, fertile and sexually charged for as long as possible. With delicious recipes and a Fertility Action Plan at the end of each chapter, the book sets out suggestions for immediate steps you can take today to maximise your chances of conceiving the old-fashioned way.

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2 Responses to The Fertility Diet

  1. Ms. Isabelle Weber says:

    Fertility Breakthrough! As a Holistic Health Practicioner specialising in Fertility, Sarah Dobbyn has done her research throughly and has put together a fun, easy to read complete approach that I have found to be incredibly resourceful and helpful when it comes to preparing yourself for a baby. In my practice her book is at the top of my reading list of recommendations and from the feedback I have received it has been very positive. This book comes from the heart and Sarah has loving created this book to encourage…

  2. Midget Gem says:

    Read this before you consider IVF I’m in my early forties with a young child and was having difficulty conceiving for a second time. I bought this book out of interest, because of the write up about the author’s distinction between chronological and biological age. After hearing a couple of doctors tell me my chances of conceiving again at my age were very slim – I felt I needed to seek out another perspective.Taking heed of some of the more negative reviews of this book, I approached The Fertility Diet as I would…