The Complete Pregnancy Workout [DVD]

The Complete Pregnancy Workout Boxed Set, including; Yoga, Pilates. Fitness and Postnatal

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2 Responses to The Complete Pregnancy Workout [DVD]

  1. Suzy says:

    Excellent pregnancy workouts I absolutely love all three of the pregnancy workouts in this boxset (I haven’t tried the fourth dvd yet as it’s a post-natal workout and I’m only 5 months pregnant at present). The yoga dvd is good, quite gentle but working my muscles enough to feel it. The cardio dvd is great, very upbeat and brisk-paced, it’s a bit more demanding and definitely gets me out of puff. I also really enjoyed the pilates dvd, I feel my muscles are working hard and it’s great knowing I’m not doing any exercises…

  2. sussex girl says:

    Great set I have done the three prenatal DVDs so far in this set (not ready for the postnatal yet!), and it’s really good! I wouldn’t say that any of them are beyond my fitness level, which I guess is exactly what you want from pregnancy workouts. I normally work out 3-5 times a week, running, doing pilates or strength training. I want to keep in shape and push myself a bit in my pregnancy, but not to over-exert myself. The ‘fitness’ DVD is perhaps a little easy for me, much to my surprise, as another…