Queen Rose Only Pillow cover 100% Velour, Customized for Queen Rose Pillow, NOT suitable for other Pillow (gray)

One pillow becomes two from now on. This U shape pregnancy pillow cover is a unique changing cover for Queen Rose pillow which is very soft and beautiful to decorate with multiple colors you want.

Product Features

Bonmedico® Orthopaedic Seat Cushion with innovative pain reducing gel layer, Non-Slip Buttom and A and memory foam core supports lower back, promotes healthy posture, alleviates sciatica, corrects lumbar alignment, and relieves pressure on the coccyx (tailbone), suitable for travel, car, office, and wheelchair use, available in blue or black

Back pain is often caused by poor posture in the workplace. Frequent repetitive movements lead to tension and pain in the spine (repetitive motion injury). You’ll find quick relief for your discomfort in the orthopaedic seat cushion by Bonmedico®: The Bonmedico® … Continue reading