The Naked Truth about Childbirth & a Healthful Pregnancy: Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for a New Generation of Moms and Dads

Ultimate step-by-step guide on what to expect before and after. We teach you everything you need to know about pregnancy, different types of childbirth, and what to watch out for. Get first hand experiences and info on precaution against the Zika … Continue reading

Step-by-Step Yoga for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: Strengthening Sequences for Each Stage of Pregnancy and Early Motherhood, to Help Tone, … Your Body, with More Than 550 Photographs

This title features specially developed poses and exercises for all stages of pre-natal pregnancy and post-birth motherhood. Breathing techniques and relaxation sequences help you to nurture yourself and your growing baby, from conception to birth, and beyond. It includes exercises to … Continue reading

Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy: Illustrated Step-by-Step Matwork Techniques

Because of its emphasis on focused breathing, gentle stretching, and precise technique, Pilates is an ideal exercise program for expectant mothers. By following the clear explanations and photo sequences in this special lay-flat binding of “Pilates Workbook for Pregnancy, ” readers … Continue reading