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Target user:Adult
fabric pillow:?Cotton cloth
Cloth type:Plain
Suitable for the amount of people:single
Products Grade:superior product

Product Features

  • Fabrics:100% Cotton/Filler:pearl wool
  • Ergonomic design, anywhere,Snug neck curve, care for cervical anytime, pros and … Continue reading

Queen Rose Unique C-Shaped Maternity Pillow – for Side Sleeping-Contoured Body Support,with Comfortable Cotton Cover(White) (multicoloured)

Getting to sleep is half the battle
Pregnancy comes with many side effects, none the least of which include: leg cramps, constipation, urgent need to urinate, an active baby, backaches, increased dream frequency and worrying about the baby, life after … Continue reading

Sources of Folic Acid: Covers what is folic acid and folic acid benefits with details of folic acid deficiency, folic acid during pregnancy and folic acid side effects

Sources of Folic Acid explores the ways in which you can get enough folic acid to make sure that you don’t suffer any deficiency problems. Folic acid is very important when it comes to preventing birth defects and a number of … Continue reading

Multifunctional pregnancy pillow pregnant women belt pillow cushion mum expert side u nursing pillow , 2 , 140*80

Filler component and content: 100% EPE
Pillow fabrics: cotton
Pillow height: 15.1-20cm
Pillow shape: rectangle
Pillow, weight: 3 kg
Size: 140*80

Product Features

  • European style sandwich a breathable design of Jacquard fabric
  • Selection of Chinese medicine health quality polyester fiber
  • Continue reading

Luxurious Convertible U-Shape Lumbar Support Travel Pillow for Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers, Adjustable Strap and Travel Bag, Navy

The unique design allows back, side, and stomach sleepers to adjust the pillow position to meet their needs for the most comfortable sleep.
In need of lumbar support, no problem, simply place the pillow behind your back. And … Continue reading

Queen Rose ZZZ’s U Shape Pregnancy Support Pillow,Regulating 360°CUDDLE ME Side Sleeping for Maternity Belly/Total Body with 100% Cotton Zipper Removable Cover.

Queen Rose Pregnancy pillow – an ideal weapon killing all the pains during your pregnancy

Queen Rose pregnancy pillow provides entirely care for the expecting mother and the baby,effectively offering the improvement of your blood circulation all night long,help continue … Continue reading