Summer Infant Ultimate Body Comfort Pillow (White)

Product Features

  • Extra large body-length pillow fully supports mum during and after pregnancy
  • Use as a tummy support cushion for growing bump, breastfeeding pillow or a support for baby
  • Zippered insert for customised support
  • Removable, washable soft cotton cover is cool and breathable
  • Versatile, patented design is great for baby, toddler and mum!

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2 Responses to Summer Infant Ultimate Body Comfort Pillow (White)

  1. TMac says:

    Great for reducing back pain in pregnancy. I have been having trouble sleeping since about 20 weeks pregnant so did quite a lot of research for which pregnancy pillow to buy. This one is amazing. The way it supports your whole back is exactly what I was after. It stops me rolling on to my back in the night and and has completely stopped my lower back pain. It goes between my legs to support my pelvis, and also provides support under the bump. Since buying this, difference in my sleep quality is huge and I barely stir in the night…

  2. sassy19 says:

    Not impressed.