Sources of Folic Acid: Covers what is folic acid and folic acid benefits with details of folic acid deficiency, folic acid during pregnancy and folic acid side effects

Sources of Folic Acid explores the ways in which you can get enough folic acid to make sure that you don’t suffer any deficiency problems. Folic acid is very important when it comes to preventing birth defects and a number of other conditions including cancer, heart disease and hair loss. It has also been shown to improve the memory of the elderly and reduce the instances of allergies and asthma. Folic acid is well worth looking at as a dietary supplement. It is already recommended for women who want to conceive and women who are expecting a baby. Folic acid is so powerful that it can also help with male infertility and many other disorders.

1 Introduction
2 Folic Acid in Pregnancy
3 Folic Acid Deficiency
4 Folic Acid Side Effects
5 Heart Disease
6 Folic Acid and Cancer
7 Folic Acid and Depression
8 Folic Acid Anemia
9 Hair Health and Hair Loss
10 Male Fertility
11 Asthma and Allergies
12 HPV and Cervical Cancer
13 Bacterial Vaginosis

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