Slim & Fit Complete Pregnancy Workout starring Lindsay Brin

Use these 5 workouts to create a well-rounded routine. Each workout is about 15 minutes pair them together for an advanced workout. Work all facets of fitness during pregnancy: cardio, upper body, lower body, core and flexibility. Pure Prenatal Cardio Our cardio focused workout is designed to get your heart rate up (to safe levels) while improving your fitness with each workout you do. 16 minutes Barefoot Lower Body This workout, which combines a mix of weighted exercises and barre moves is perfect for toning the lower half as your belly continues to grow. You will be concentrating on your hips, glutes, and lower back, all which must be lengthened and strengthened during pregnancy. 17 minutes Barefoot Upper Body These Upper body exercises are designed to help your growing belly and minimize back pain, while improving posture. You will work your arms and your back. This workout will not load the core, but keep your core engaged to support a healthy core recovery after the baby is born. 16 minutes Fluid Cardio Tone Using a light set of dumbbells, this workout will keep you firm and looking great throughout your pregnancy. You ll be guided through a series of cardio and strength based movements, giving you a well rounded session that you enjoy every step of the way. 15 minutes Prenatal Core & Flexibility Not engaging the ab muscles throughout pregnancy can make it tougher for your abs to bounce back after the baby arrives. We will do safe ab exercises that do not have you lying on your back. We teach you how to use your inner core and pelvic floor the muscles that support your baby like a sling. This workout is also devoted to keeping up your flexibility throughout pregnancy, which will reduce muscle soreness and make it easier to perform all the other activities you do during this time. 15 minutes

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