Sea-Band Wrist Band Drug Free Nausea Relief

Product Features

  • Acupressure wrist band for the relief of morning sickness and travel sickness
  • The only clinically tested wristband
  • No drugs, no side effects
  • Used by doctors and in hospitals
  • Packaging may vary

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2 Responses to Sea-Band Wrist Band Drug Free Nausea Relief

  1. Ivy says:

    work well

  2. Janice Dawson says:

    Sea-band wrist band What a great wee product. Was a little sceptical that a wristband could cure my travel sickness, but as a time-starved part-time student who needed to be able to use her commute to get some reading done, I was ready to try anything. It worked first time. Even if a little nausea creeps in, a quick press of the pressure-points usually eases it off again. The description was a little misleading and I thought the box might only contain one band, but there is one for each wrist. There’s also a…