Quiesta Memory Flake Body Pillow, Memory Foam Interior, Bamboo Fabric Case, Ideal During Pregnancy as a maternity pillow

A Better Night’s Sleep Guaranteed Why is it so hard to find the perfect Body Pillow? – Feather Pillows lack support and you wake up feeling stiff due to your muscles being strained. – Memory Foam overheats from the lack of airflow. The Quiesta Memory Flake Body Pillow Provides the Plushness, Breathability and Shape ability of a feathered pillow & Provides the Support of Memory Foam. Keeps you Cool The Shredded Memory Foam allows far more air circulation compared to standard memory foam & the breathable bamboo pillow case increases the air flow circulation so that your pillow does not over heat as you sleep. Hypoallergenic The bamboo and memory flakes are made from 100% hypo-allergenic materials and fully dust mite resistant. -A perfect maternity pillow for use throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Machine Washable Bamboo Pillow Case Simply throw it in your washing machine and allow it to dry naturally. Click the “Add to Cart” Button at the top of this page now for a better night’s sleep guaranteed

Product Features

  • 4.8 OUT OF 5 STARS: Quiesta Memory Flake Pillows are made using the highest quality memory foam flakes and bamboo materials. Pillow size after fully expanding 152 x 47 cm.
  • SOFTNESS OF DOWN WITH THE FIRMNESS OF MEMORY FOAM : The Interior is full of tiny luxurious memory flakes that contour and support your bump, knees, head and neck as you rest reducing stiffness & increasing comfort.
  • BAMBOO PILLOW CASE: Enjoy the soft rich feel of bamboo fabric against your skin as you sleep. Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and it stays dust mite free. Pillow case is removable for ease of washing.
  • STAY COOL BREATHABLE PILLOW: Quiesta’s Memory flakes are designed to allow air to travel through. The Bamboo pillow case has air vents that suck in cool air and allow hot air to escape keeping your pillow cool all night.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, For Whatever Reason, You Don’t Absolutely Love your new maximum comfort memory flake pillow. Simply return it for a full refund.. Buy it Now while it is on SALE.

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2 Responses to Quiesta Memory Flake Body Pillow, Memory Foam Interior, Bamboo Fabric Case, Ideal During Pregnancy as a maternity pillow

  1. Mark O'Callaghan says:

    These are not comfortable at all. These pillows are good, but at first they had a very strong smell, took about a week to get rid of it, I hung them outside a couple of days. I also think that they are slightly over stuffed but after several weeks they are starting to soften up a bit and have a bit more give to them. Once they have been fluffed up they are quite comfortable.Update – After having these pillows for several months they are not comfortable at all. I have to fluff them up every night or they are rock…

  2. Joanna B. K. Saket says:

    Still searching for ideal pillow