QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped, Full Body Maternity/Wedge Pillow with Removable Plush Cover,Grey

The Queen Rose Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow from has a U-shaped,two contoured “legs”, shoulder support design can be molded into numerous positions to support the entire body. The multi-function body pregnancy pillow’s three specially designed, contoured shapes work together as a unit to give support, elevation and comfort where you need it most. that contours the the shoulder and provides a soft sleep.

Made especially for expecting moms, the voluminous padding of this comfortable pillow gives you the support you need when resting – All Nighter Total Body Pregnancy Pillow helps relieve sleep problems due to aches, pains, stiffness, or late-pregnancy discomforts. It contains 100% polyester fiberfill, which offers long-lasting resilience and durability. The Queen Rose – All Nighter Total Body Pregnancy Pillow comes with the perfect length for tucking between your knees to prevent hip and back strain. It also keeps your spine properly aligned and the cool air flowing. It has a long length to support the entire body and wide head section to provide comfortable sleeping positions.

-Designed to caress the natural curves of the body;
-Inner curve keeps mom’s back and belly supported;
-Improved lumbar support;
-Support allows belly to rest right on the pillow;
-Keeps mommy’s back cushioned and keeps baby supported while nursing;
-Upper and lower body can be elevated by the reverse and overlap;
-Will help elevate baby during nursing which comforts mommy;
-Care instructions: Cover zips off and is machine washable;
-Materials: 100% polyester fiberfill;

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Product Features

  • PREGNANCY PILLOW AS THIRD GENERATION.Queen Rose pregnancy pillow randomly shape to provide the best support finding utmost comfort to your sleeping,reading,breastfeeding,nursing or watching TV.Effectively cradle body from head to toe for expecting mothers.Prevention of sciatica, also,it’s machine washable.
  • MASTER MATERNITY FUNCTION.Help improve blood circulation,continue to supply gravida and fetus blood flow regularly all night long!Reverse ends for a “double decker” back support performance.Alleviate the swelling and the legs/feet numbness,release your body pressure,gives support to prevent rolling on back,improve your sleep,360°support to prevent from hypertension,Lumbar acerbity backache and malposition during pregnancy.
  • LAST LONGER SUPPORT PILLOW.Follow the natural curved shape of your body,spiral hollow fiber filled,it can always hold the foam and pillow function meaning,fluffy makes your breathing better and reduce heartburn.No more lower back pain when you make a turn,Tucking it between your knee to ease elevate your head and align your hips to help relive strain on joints.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL.Cover: 100% cotton; Lining: 60g Non-woven Fabric; Stuff: luxury PP Fabric Cotton.Offers long-lasting resilience and durability with zipper opening removable and washable.No stimulation for the mother or the baby because of anti-pilling and anti-static.
  • GUARANTEE TO EVERY MOTHER:Best pregnancy pillow available for 1 year warranty,if not satisfied with manufacturing faults,fully refund for the inconvenience.The Best gift for love.

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3 Responses to QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped, Full Body Maternity/Wedge Pillow with Removable Plush Cover,Grey

  1. Caroline Peoples says:

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!

  2. Gray88 says:

    I’ve been replaced

  3. clare says:

    It’s big it’s comfortable perfect for me as I have siatica and snore …