Pull-On Knee Cushion (Light Grey)

Tired of stuffing blankets and pillows between your knees at night to relieve the annoying pain of knee-on-knee friction when you try to sleep on your side? PalliPartners’ Pull-On Knee Cushion is a breathable, stretchy polyester microfiber leg sleeve that provides soft cushion comfort for your knees. Just pull it on, position the cushion exactly where you want it, and forget it! It’s so light and comfy, the only thing you’ll notice is a great night’s sleep! Consider a Pull-On Knee Cushion as the perfect gift for the “hard to buy for” friend or relative. A nice surprise for birthdays, wedding showers, maternity gifts and holidays. The Pull-On Knee Cushion is also a super accessory to take along on visits or vacations when you need all the help you can get while trying to sleep away from home. A quick side-note: the Pull-On Knee Cushion isn’t designed to offer alignment support for the hips or back. But if you’re looking for soft cushiony comfort between the knees? Well, then… it’s sweet dreams for you, babe! Nighty-night!

Product Features

  • Provides soft cushion comfort for your knees!
  • Plush & Stretchy Polyester Microfiber with just the right amount of padding.
  • Relieves nagging bone-on-bone knee pain from side-sleeping!
  • For Men & Women * One Size Fits Most * Machine Washable
  • Perfect comfort companion after hip or knee replacement!

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3 Responses to Pull-On Knee Cushion (Light Grey)

  1. Lulu J says:

    Thanks to the designer of this wonderful cushion I’m a big lady with a painful right knee and I always sleep on my right side which means that my knees give me a lot of trouble. I saw this wonderful product while searching for something else and was immediately drawn to it. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance – best chance I ever took. Really comfortable when you get it in the right place, my legs are fairly big and it fits with no problem at all. I suddenly found that I could relax at night and drift off comfortably…

  2. Lynn says:

    Great product for knee pain

  3. bar44 says:

    So comfortable