The most important period of your child’s health is the nine months  before birth.

Cutting edge research in a new field known as “metabolic programming” reveals a startling new fact: what a mother eats during pregnancy has a far greater effect on her child’s future development, overall health, and resistance to disease than was previously thought. In fact, adult chronic illnesses long blamed on an unhealthy lifestyle or genetic influences are now believed to be a direct result of the uterine environment during pregnancy.

Now, thanks to this pioneering new book, you can “program” your baby’s future health by eating right, gaining the appropriate amount of weight, and avoiding toxins–starting even before conceiving. Dr. Barbara Luke, a nationally recognized expert in the field of public-health nutrition, provides a complete, practical nutrition and lifestyle program that covers your entire pregnancy, month by month–and the first two years of your baby’s life. Here is everything you need to know to raise the healthiest baby possible, including:

– What to eat when you’re trying to conceive and when you are pregnant
– Practical strategies that protect your child against hypertension, diabetes, and obesity
– Special dietary needs for women in every age group, from under 25 to over 40
– Quick, easy menus, helpful charts, and checklists
– Replenishing fluids: how much do you need to drink?
– The nutritional needs of mothers carrying twins or “super-twins”
– New strategies for overcoming morning sickness
– Helping your growing child eat right and stay healthy

Pregnancy is your window of opportunity to boost your baby’s health at birth, through childhood, and beyond. Let this book help you take the most advanced, scientific approach to preventing disease and optimizing health!

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