PROCAVE Side Sleeping Pillow with TopCool Cover, Breastfeeding Pillow, Soft Pregnancy Pillow, 40×145 cm, Made in Germany

Soft Side Sleeper Pillow Ensures Absolute Sleeping Comfort

Our pillow is made of functional fabric which absorbs body moisture immediately and is highly breathable. It is thus perfect for people who sweat a lot during the night. The cooling quality of the pillow case also ensures a comfortable night’s sleep. The sanded and quilted TopCool fabric is made of 100% polyester wadding with approx. 600g polyester pellets and 600g polyester sticks as filling. (filling weight: 1200g). The white pillow with light blue edging is washable up to 60°C and dryer-proof at low temperatures.

Multi-Purpose Pillow for Pregnant Women and Mothers

The pillow for pregnant women is multifunctional. It can be used as a sleeping pillow by expectant mothers or as a nursing pillow for the baby. The soft pillow provides both mother and child with perfect comfort. It clings perfectly to the body and gives you a peaceful and relaxing sleep environment.

Versatile Use

The cuddly pillow supports the spinal and pelvic area of side sleepers and thus reduces pressure there. As a precautionary measure, it also supports the neck and back. Additionally, the knees are perfectly padded. Our pillow is not only intended for side sleepers, it can also be used by stomach sleepers. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers because of its skin-friendly material.

Optimum hygiene: The side sleeper pillow is washable up to 60°C and also dryer-proof at low temperatures.

100% Made in Germany

We stand behind the quality of our products. High-quality raw materials and meticulous workmanship guarantee quality and longevity. We develop and produce exclusively in our home country, thus delivering you genuine quality “Made in Germany”.

Product Features

  • TopCool side sleeper pillow: full body pillow’s functional fabric provides breathability and absorbs body moisture
  • High-quality back support pillow: quilted 100% polyester fabric with sticks and pellets polyester filling, weight 1200g
  • White multi-purpose pillow: bolster pillow functions as maternity pillow or nursing pillow – ideal pregnancy sleeping pillow
  • Pillows for side sleepers and allergy sufferers: skin-friendly comfort pillow – long v-shaped pillow for restful sleep
  • Neck support pillow: relieves pressure from neck, spine – perfect for neck pain and as knee pillow

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