Prenatal Pilates on the Edge

This workout has been created to let you experience a fit and comfortable pregnancy while challenging yourself on the Pilates Edge. The foam triangle will let you strengthen the core and tone arms and legs due to increased height and back protection. The 23 minute workout is suitable for women in the second trimester of pregnancy and has 24 exercises plus bonus features. To participate in the exercises you will need a Pilates Edge, a Flex-Band and an exercise mat. To ensure safety you will have to get advice from your doctor before starting the workout. The DVD contains of warm up exercises such as: Breathing, Imprint & Release, Hip Release, Cat Stretch, Scapula Isolation exercises: Leg Pull Front Prep, Swimming Prep, Shell Stretch, Half Roll Back, Bicycle, Lower & Lift, Saw, Side Leg Lift Series, Spinal Rotation, Push Up, Single Leg Extension, Squats, Adduction, Mermaid, Lunges, Scapula Isolation, Triceps, Spine Stretch Forward, Breast Stroke. To get you motivated and entertained you will receive extra bonus features such as: a special message from the founders of Stott Pilates , review of the 5 basic principles behind the Stott Pilates, a trial next level workout, workout with music only, presentation of Stott Pilates equipment and other video titles, Meet the Instructors, info on instructor courses. For over two decades Moira Merrithew, together with President and CEO of Stott Pilates Lindsay G. Merrithew, and a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals worked hard to perfect the Stott Pilates method and ensure it is in line with the latest achievements in scientific and biomechanical research. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for Stott Pilates training and certification programs.

Product Features

  • Region Code 0: Can be played anywhere in the world
  • Insturctional Level: Suiteable for Women in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy (Level 1 of 5)
  • Number of Exercises: 24
  • Equipment Required: Pilates Edge, Flex-Band and Exercise Mat

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