Pregnancy Workout – Lean and Toned [DVD] [2011]

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3 Responses to Pregnancy Workout – Lean and Toned [DVD] [2011]

  1. Ms. E. F. Williams says:

    Quality workout: Start early and stick with it! It is worth it. Now 33 weeks pregnant I have been using this DVD since about 8 weeks. Prior to this DVD I used to do a cardio work out on a cross trainer most mornings with weights so wasn’t ‘unfit’ and was worried that this would be a bit soft for me. HAH! This is deceptively hard, the repetitive movements and using your own increasing body weight as weights became quite the challenge as first trimester symptoms kicked in.I have NOT used this every week and have only worked out once a week up to 3…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Beware wide stances and PGP Bought this DVD as part of a pregnancy box set and used it at 29 weeks. I am pretty fit (former fitness instructor) and have also been doing prenatal yoga since week 14. Immediately after doing this DVD I developed groin/pelvic pain and now have PGP and severe pain when walking. There are a lot of wide stances in this DVD and ligaments are very relaxed in pregnancy so easy to overstretch. I did not find the DVD over challenging at the time but am convinced this caused my PGP so have not used…

  3. 1985mothertotwo!! says:

    Time to yourself Amazing DVD, could do it better by end of pregnancy doing my last work out day before I gave birth.It made me fitter and calm and I would fit this in on days where it was raining but I wanted to do some exercise. Never doing Pilates before pregnancy I am now a convert my butt has became toned and arms are also more toned.2 days after giving birth back in my jeans , it’s my 2nd pregnancy and wish I’d done this with my first . I have no weight to lose and can continue to be fit and…