Pregnancy Week by Week: Weekly Pregnancy Guide with Wellness Tips for a Healthy and Happy Mom and Baby (pregnancy, pregnancy week by week, pregnancy books, prenatal yoga, pregnancy nutrition)

You have received some of the most life-changing news you will ever hear – you are pregnant! Discover how to ensure the best possible health and wellness for you and your baby throughout all stages of your pregnancy

With all the transformative physical changes, emotional shifts, relationship changes, role changes and planning, pregnancy often ends up feeling like an overwhelming and stressful time. Understanding changes happening at every week during pregnancy and learning ways to help you to be your healthiest and feel your best can help to replace stress and exhaustion with confidence, ease, and excitement for your pregnancy experience and your future life as a mother.

This pregnancy week by week guide offers:

  • Detailed descriptions of week by week fetal development
  • Detailed week by week descriptions of Mom-to-Be’s symptoms and experiences
  • Wellness tips specific to each weekly phase of pregnancy to ensure you feel your absolute best
  • Nutritional tips and recipes to ensure that you are your healthiest and your baby gets all the necessary nutrients
  • Tips to help ease physical discomfort during pregnancy, including safe effective yoga practices, exercise and postural advice
  • Helpful hints to relieve stress and overcome the “emotional rollercoaster”
  • Tips and information delivered in an easy to read format that is comprehensive, yet conversational and accessible

Empower yourself with knowledge and tools that will help you to feel your best and enjoy this amazingly special time in your life. “Pregnancy Week by Week: Weekly Pregnancy Guide with Wellness Tips for a Healthy and Happy Mom and Baby” presents all the pregnancy facts, helpful hints and tips you need to allow your pregnant self to shine!
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