Pregnancy Week By Week: Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy Through Each Trimester

Your Pregnancy Week By Week is a very real and honest depiction of what to expect throughout your pregnancy offering a straightforward view of what the next nine months holds for you.

Though some women make it through nine months without any symptoms, the majority will face some rather uncomfortable and yet livable side effects. It’s good to know what’s coming and what the norm is within each time frame, and this book aims to provide that honest depiction.

Rather than waiting to see what you might expect you have the outline and straightforward facts right there for you to see. This is a great book for the mother-to-be that wants to feel prepared and who can see the pros and cons to each stage.

Be ready for every stage with your pregnancy and know even what the first few weeks after baby is born will be like. Here’s to a happy and well informed pregnancy!

Chapters include:

Finding out You Are Pregnant
The First Couple of Weeks and Coasting: Weeks 1-7
The First Trimester
Weeks 8-12: When the Symptoms Really Kick In
The Second Trimester
Weeks 13-16: Riding the Wave and Waiting for Relief
Weeks 17-20: Feeling Good and Waiting for the Big Ultrasound
Weeks 20-26: Oh Baby—My How You Grow!
The Third Trimester: The Home Stretch
Weeks 27-32: Moving Right Along
Weeks 33 and On: Living an Uncomfortable but Exciting Life
Coping with Those Last Few Weeks of Waiting for Baby’s Arrival…Or Even Being Overdue
Welcome to Baby and Getting Your Body Back

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